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I AM A Director/Producer

I'm a director and working in art for movies. My experiences is directing,producing , script supervisor, and I have been working on many movies like "Uncle Cousin's Girl", "A Voyage of the Sky," "Restless Dance" .

  • NAME:Shams roohangiz
  • Email: Roohangiz.shams@gmail.com
  • old:51
  • address:Tehran, Iran
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My Skill

Hello dear friends I would like to introduce myself as a director and It's many years that I have been working in the field of cinema in Iran. At the beginning, I was a script supervisor and then I continued to work as an assistant director in a number of movies. According to the extensive experience that I gained, I have directed several films and T.V series so far. I am very interested in continuously facing new topics and challenges on this way and make better films.

Director 80%

Director Assist95%

Script Supervisor 100%


my Work


Uncle Cousin's



Restless Heart

Director Assist


The Prisoner

Screenplay Supervisor



Screenplay Supervisor

Personal Information

  • Name and surname:Roohangiz SHAMS
  • Date of birth: : June 12, 1966
  • Place of birth: Abadan
  • Marital status: Married
  • Cell No.: +98 912 1401988
  • Landline No.: +98 21 44437221
  • Residence address: #11, No. 32, 1st Alaie, North Iran Zamin, Mokhberi, Sardar Jangal, Poonak, Tehran, Iran

Education Records

High school diploma, Parvin Etesami High School, Gachsaran, Iran, June 1984, field of study: Economic & Social field Associate degree, University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, October 2008, field of study: Filmmaking - Assistant Film Director Bachelor’s degree: University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, February 2011, field of study: Management of cultural affairs Master’s degree: Soore University, Tehran, Iran, 2012-2014, field of study: Advertisement and Cultural Communication


Graduated in Baghe Ferdows the sixth course of filmmaking, Tehran, Iran, entrance in October 1988, delivery of certificate in January 2000

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An Iranian short film in Arizona Film Festival

The short film- “Fallen into ashes”- directed and written by Roohangiz Shams will be screened in Arizona International Short Film Festival. According to ISNA, this short film is the story of a teacher named Elham who is teaching the Afghan little girls


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#11, No. 32, 1st Alaie, North Iran Zamin, Mokhberi, Sardar Jangal, Poonak, Tehran, Iran

Official Cell: +98 912 1401988

Official Landline : +98 21 44437221

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